Family Church | Weddings
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  • Church Wedding Applications are available at the Welcome Center and online.
  • We offer many options to accommodate every budget and specific wedding style.
  • These options are explained in the application:
  • Chapel Weddings
    • Family Room Weddings
    • Off-Site Weddings
    • Office Weddings
  • Requests for wedding reservations can be made by contacting Carmen at extension 301 or by emailing Available dates may be obtained by telephone or email.
  • Please Note: Pastor Bryant is our Pastoral Support Pastor and handles most weddings. Pastor Joe and Pastor Mike have very limited availability due to church services and their ministry schedule.
  • Everyone desiring to be married by a Family Church Pastor, whether at the church or an off-site location, must complete the required pre-marital course offered at Family Church.
  • Policy Statement: We believe that marriage, as ordained by God, is defined between one man and one woman. No other wedding ceremony will be performed.