What is this about?

Pray for the opportunity to share your faith.  Pray that others will notice the difference Christ has made in your life. Pray that you have the boldness to tell others your story.
Give away the IREFUSE bracelet to anyone who notices or asks you about it.  Remember that when you bought it, you were buying it for someone else.  We encourage you to own a few at a time.
Invite others to join the movement. Invite them to church. Invite them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  You have the tools, let’s go for it!

Where can I get the bracelets or T-shirts and how do I join the movement?

Purchase bracelets and T-shirts at the Media Sales window, by the Cafe in the Admin Building. Wear it proud!
Decided in your heart that you REFUSE to let the gospel of Jesus Christ die with you! Join the movement by sharing your faith and your story with your circle of influence and continue the cycle; Pray-Give-Invite!