We believe a job is something you do, but a calling is who you are. God calls people to Family Church from a wide range of backgrounds, but He’s brought us all here for one reason: to bring life-change to the lost. And while we’re thrilled to look back and celebrate what He’s already done through this church, we know we’re just getting started.  We’re looking forward to seeing what He will do through the people He’s calling to be part of this team.


We’ll smile if you’re:
  • Passionately outgoing
  • A multitasker who can talk on the phone and take detailed notes at the same time
  • An effective leader with a passion for personal development
  • An individual with an exceptional degree of personal and professional integrity
  • Exceptionally organized and highly efficient with personal time management
  • Known for having excellent communication and relationship management skills
  • Naturally self-motivated and able to work independently while succeeding in a collaborative team environment
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Apple Pages


You will be:
  • Answering every call that is received at Family Church
  • Praying for people who need a quick online prayer
  • Leading the front office and directing guests as they arrive to the building
  • Writing letters and notes to church members


We’ll high-five if you:
  • Are familiar with Macintosh Computers
  • Have the flexibility to adapt to changes and take on new responsibilities as the organization grows
  • Naturally funny and quick witted