With over twenty-five years’ experience in Christian counseling, Rev. Earl Miller has served as a pastoral counselor both in ministerial and clinical settings. He now serves adults, youth and couples as part of the Family Church ministry to our community.


Here’s what clients say…


“Rev. Earl brings a different approach to counseling. His mixture of analytical and Christian angles of looking at counseling issues was eye opening and very insightful. That, along with his calm demeanor provided a very comfortable atmosphere to candidly discuss problems.”   EC (married male)


“The emotional and spiritual distance that kept my husband and I from loving and respecting one another, slowly bridged thanks to the guidance given by Rev. Earl. The clinical and biblical tools Rev. Earl provided us with served to improve our communication.” DS (couple)


“What can I say about the one person who completely understood which direction our family should take after experiencing a family crisis. My family and I are “unstuck” and moving forward because of the ministry.”  AM (family)


“Rev. Earl has been a guiding light in my path of well being…helpful, courteous, caring, delightful!      A Blessing to my life!”   DO (single female)



Rev. Earl desires to provide confidential and affordable faith-centered services to the community. His credentials include Master’s Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Organizational Leadership. 


This is a favorite verse: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Eternal, “plans for peace, not evil, to give you a future and hope —never forget that.”  (Jeremiah 29:11  The Voice Translation)


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